Friday, 12 September 2014

Birthday celebrations!

Welcome back, after another accidental mini break from blogging...
I recently had my birthday, which is something I'm never usually very excited about! I'm much more of a Christmas kind of person, so didn't really make too much effort with planning this year, However, I ended up having such a lovely day! I went for a spa day which included a seriously relaxing back massage and afternoon tea with a ridiculous amount of different cakes. Then went for drinks in the evening with some of my best girls! Perfect!

A lot of the things I received were in preparation for moving away to uni, so homeware for practical use, such as towels and sheets! Here are a couple of the gifts


I was also so lucky to receive a kindle which is something I've been looking at for ages! Can't wait to start downloading some good reads. First on my list is The 100. It's also a TV show that I have been loving recently, although it is slightly gory!
I was so happy with everything I received and had a lovely, relaxing day!

Thank you for reading!

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