Friday, 27 June 2014

Review: Quick Fix Facials- Charcoal Mask

Quick Fix Facials: Purifying Charcoal Mask  £4.99 

After avoiding face masks for years due to a dodgy tomato red skin reaction, I finally decided to dive back in and try a new brand with it. My skin has been looking a bit duller recently so this seemed perfect!

While searching Boots, charcoal seemed to be a key ingredient in so many new products. It's said to work as a 'magnet' to bring out impurities and give pores a deep clean, which after trying I would agree with. In fact, Origins do a similar one called Clear Improvement Active Charcoal mask, which at £22 was outside of my budget, making this a great more affordable dupe. This mask also contains dragon fruit and cinnamon which help to give it a slightly nicer more spicy smell, while clarifying the skin. Though not the most appealing colour, this mask applies smoothly and causes no irritations at all. With around 10 minutes drying time, it is easy to wipe off with a cloth and warm water.

After using this 1-2 times a week, for around a month I can really start to see a difference. They do several other masks so will definitely be trying some more!

Friday, 20 June 2014

Primark/Zara Haul

I recently went to London for the day, and of course it wouldn't be complete without a bit of shopping! I was mainly interested in the Oxford Street Primark, although it's absolutely packed you can always find something!

White Playsuit: £13. This will be really great for summer with a tan, although I am a little unsure whether it looks like pyjamas?? Hopefully with some bright accessories it will be fine!
Black Dress: The tag said £13, but at the till it was £7! Simple but really easy for a last minute night out!

Brown Shoes: £8. I love moccasins, really comfy and the beading just makes it a bit different!
Ballet Pumps: £4. An essential, I get through Primark shoes so quickly but for the price you can't complain!
Lastly, I found these cotton trousers in the Zara sale, £22.99 down from £29.99. I actually really wanted these before so very happy I waited! These are slightly cropped and perfect for a casual day with a grey or black tee, and some sandals.

I'd love to hear of any more bargains, or key items you love for the summer!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Summer Nails

From L-R BarryM Greenberry, Essie Fear&Desire, BarryM Blueberry, and Models Own Hedonist

So now we're finally getting some sunny weather, I feel like its time to change to the bright and definitely more bold colours. Despite having a ridiculous collection of nail polish, I just about managed to get it down to my favourite four for summer!

Greenberry and Blueberry: Whilst not the most exciting names of the bunch, BarryM polishes will always be my most loved brand. The 'Gelly' ones are even better, don't chip for a good few days and are the cheapest only £3.99! The small down side to these particular shades is they do need a few coats to stop it looking streaky.

Hedonist: This is the perfect coral shade for the summer! It's also slightly neon, so can easily be the statement if your outfit is more simple. At £5 I definitely need to invest in a few more!

Fear and Desire: Oranges are usually avoided completely on my nails, but luckily this shade is quite soft and more of a tangerine colour. I love Essie in general, the consistency is always good and they come with the easiest brush for application. Fragrance Direct also sell their varnishes at a cheaper price so its good to check there for a bit of a discount from the usual price of £8!

I'm always on the search for some more shades or brands to try so any recommendations would be great!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Beginning!

After reading amazing blogs for several years now I've decided to stop deliberating and finally start a blog of my own! I hopefully will be sharing things that i'm loving, buying, going to do over the summer and more! I'm really excited to start and hopefully find even more blogs along the way!