Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Been There, Done That

I found this tag ages ago on the blog http://www.fashionanna.com/! I've taken a couple of questions out, but thought it looked quite fun to do, so here are my answers!

Which countries in the world have you visited?
Living in the UK we usually go somewhere hot in Europe. I've also been lucky enough to go to Canada and America.

Which destination is on top of your wishlist? Where would you really like to go?
I would love to go to California to see Hollywood and the gorgeous beaches! Italy is also somewhere that is top of the list. They have such amazing buildings and scenery, and the food! Pasta, ice cream and pizza is my dream diet!

Which destination was so special, you want to go there again?
I loved America. It was quite a long trip so we got to go to a few different states. I think New York is just so crazy and different that its hard to take it all in at the time, so would really like to go back and see other parts of the city.

With who would you like to go on a holiday?
I usually go away with my family so I would love to do a trip with my best friends! A beach/party holiday would be so much fun especially now we're all heading off to uni!

What would you bring to an uninhabited island?
I really want a Kindle, as when on holiday I always get through so many books! This would also mean the books wouldn't get sandy, and I could download more while waiting to be rescued!

Would you prefer to go to an amusement park or the zoo?
I seriously LOVE zoos for some reason, so this is quite easy for me! Last year in Washington I got to see pandas which was so amazing.

Would you prefer to go on a skiing holiday or a sun holiday?
Can I have both?? I've only ever  been skiing once... but it was so much fun! However, I'd probably choose sun overall, you leave just feeling so much happier and relaxed!

What is your favourite holiday memory?
It's not that specific, but I really love that feeling when you are on a quiet beach in the sun doing nothing but listening to the sea!

What is your least fun holiday memory?
Being on a coach for 28 hours trying to get to the ski resort was definitely not fun when I went on a school trip to Austria!

To which country(ies) are you going this year?
Sadly i don't think I'm going on holiday this summer! I went to Barcelona for a few days earlier this year, so I was still able to tick one place of my list!

Where would you most love to go? Thanks for reading!


  1. Yah you should def do a getaway on reading week! I think your canadian because your blog name ends in .ca so yah reading week is the best time to go!

    This was a great list! I would want to go to Italy.

    Also have fun in uni! I am doing a colleciton of back 2 school posts on my blog, for freshman! So check those out if you want :)

    Love from Canada,
    Marie from www.ElleCharie.com

    1. haha im not actually canadian, but i have been there before and love the country! we get reading week too but it is still rather cold at that time! thank you! xxx