Saturday, 2 August 2014

Review: Daily Moisturisers

Johnson's 24hr Day Cream : £3.99

Clinique: All about Eyes- Full size version £26
My perfect moisturiser is something I'm always on the hunt for. I have dry skin, and find in the winter even one day without it, is a big regret! This Johnson's day cream is one of the first that I have repurchased, and I will again! It feels light on the skin and sinks in really quickly. I always apply it just before foundation, as it makes a pretty good base. It also has SPF 15 which is perfect for a bit of added protection, especially given how rubbish I am with sun creams! I've found it has made my skin softer, and hasn't ever caused any breakouts or problems. Even though this one is for normal rather than dry skin, this one works really well, although I will choose a different one for the Autumn/ Winter.

The Clinique Eye Cream is something fairly new. This actually came in sample size as it's part of a set of several products. I apply lightly under my eyes using my ring finger. It soothes the eye area and I've found it does help slightly with make up wear such as concealer. It has made the skin slightly softer and smoother, but I haven't really noticed a reduction in circles or puffyness, a main area I was hoping for improvement... it may be that it needs to be tried for longer. I really love Clinique products, a mascara I have by them is brilliant, however, I'm not sure I would pay £26 pounds for a full size version of this cream.
I have recently got a sample size of the Clinique 'Dramatically Different' Moisturiser within a magazine so I'm excited to give that a go next!

Thanks for reading, any 'holy grail' moisturisers out there I should try?


  1. I never even knew Johnsons did face cream! I love how light it is and that it has an SPF 15. I really like the smell of Johnsons baby lotion so may have to look in to getting this! (I'm assuming it smells the same?)

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. i know, perfect for summer! actually im not 100% sure about the smell being the same, it only has a simple un-offending smell anyway! thanks for reading! xx